We're passionate about customer experience.

Founded in 2009, we have since grown from strength to strength. To date we have consolidated a highly experienced management team from all sides of the cleaning and integrated facility industry to offer the very best in building maintenance services.

Our top management team, comprising of three key personnel, has refined more than 20 years of experience and expertise into the polished delivery of high-quality Cleaning and Integrated Facility Services to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors in Singapore.

What distinguishes us from the crowd? Our resolve to always positively influence the life of each and every client. As a service provider, we appreciate how our services touch and affect the lives of many around us. So, at Aras, we want not only to make the world a cleaner place to live and work in; we want our clients to feel energized and vitalized by the environment we help shape. In a service industry that is often reliant on what it does, not merely what it offers, this is exactly what we do at Aras.

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