Measurement of usage levels, by detecting user entry and exit from the toilet or anywhere within the building. Information is transmitted real time to the system and allows the backend users to look at usage levels in order to allocate their resources accordingly for more effective manpower deployment.

Odour detection for ammonia and other inert gases from human waste. By sending information real time back to the software for tabulation on various stages of gas levels will trigger an alert for a requirement of cleaning services.

Toilet panel primary function is to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback via a feedback form loaded onto an interactive touchscreen panel. Management can now better understand user expectations of the toilet.

Secondary function of the panel is to serve as a proof of service. This entails the loading of the cleaner and supervisor checklist onto the panel. With the panel we can now track the following data parameters:

  • What work was done in the toilet?
  • Who did the work?
  • What time was the work done?
  • How long did the work takes?

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