MediaCorp: "... show my appreciation to the housekeeping team... they have been diligent in their duties, they are fast and efficient. Thank you for such a wonderful service for us..."

Riversails: "I bump into a cleaner (block 8) a few times this week... ensure that the place is clean... I thank her for effort... for doing such a good job for our estate... Thank you so much..."

Riversails: "Grateful to you for your professionalism... will share this with the MO Council."

DBS: "... In spite of the short notice, you manage to get your staff to come by the centre... We are grateful for you going beyond the call of duty to provide this service to us..."

Dyson: "The team has done a fantastic job... Please help to convey my appreciation to your team who has really work hard.."

Ericsson: "On behalf of Ericsson employees and our JLL FM team... we would like to thank you all for the excellent service provided.." "Finding a high quality and reputable cleaning service is hard to come by but you and your team change that as you guys have done a wonderful job... The commitment and service... is phenomenal."

Flo Residence: "... wish to commend on the service that rendered during Flo Residence mid-Autumn event... Your team has shown professionalism and was prompt in response to our request.."

MediaCorp: "...ensures that the toilets... spick and span... replenish the toilet papers and soap regularly... frequently clear the bin... very friendly and smiles and greets all..."

MediaCorp: "...thank everyone's help including housekeeping company to locate my lost Garmin HRM watch... Also wanted to compliment Daniel Yeow's patience and promptness quick to response..."

Residences At Reflections : "... we were very happy with the housekeeping services provided last Friday - both the cleaning and the ironing..."

Residences At Reflections : "... the cleaner you deployed... is very good, fast... extremely satisfied with her service."

Pico Art International: "... thank you for the prompt response and action... They display positive attitude when carrying out their work..."

MediaCorp : "... reported work earlier... conscientiously serve the VIPs... would like to compliment for her good work done..."

Nautical : "... thank you all for being a great team to work with... your enthusiasm, perseverance, and the 'never say die' spirit..."

MediaCorp : "... performs his duties with diligence and with the highest standard... is good natured & always have a smile & greeting ... Deserve a pat."

Nautical: "... appreciated & recognised all the effort given... Once again thumbs up from me... Well done!!!"

MediaCorp: "... thanks for going the extra mile... I must say the housekeeping people did a good job..."

Dyson : "Good work for Bk 28 uncle to escalate any potential HSE issue..."

MKB: "...thank you for your support and it's highly appreciated."

Dyson: "Your team has demonstrated the prompt response, flexibility and ability to give Dyson the Best support to attend to our needs …"

DBS @ MBFC: "Would like to thank all of you for helping us in the last few weeks … I really appreciate your help to get things to work …

DBS @ MBFC: "Would like to compliment … truly helping to keep LCS & the rest of level 12 (including the social hub) very, very clean …

DBS @ Asia Hub: "Thank you so much … taking an extra step of helping to locate my close contacts …"

JLL Galaxis: "… did a fantastic job to assist in cleaning the mess … Good job and keep the progress!"

JLL Galaxis: "… I do appreciate the support and prompt action taken to organize this session upon receiving my request …"

New Majestic Hotel: "… is very diligent to her work … clean the lobby, staircase, restaurant, toilet, lift and wipe all the chairs the whole night … She is very hardworking … "

Korean Reinsurance: " that the cleaner did a good job... Appreciated it..."

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